Where To Find Us


Our best prices happen at the farmers markets, so come visit us at one nearby you! We do all of our markets in Sonoma County.



Tuesday: Petaluma Luccesi Park, 10am-1:30pm (YEAR ROUND), Sonoma Plaza Market, 5:30pm-dusk(May 1-Sept 25)

Wednesday: Petaluma Theatre District Market, 4:30pm-8pm(June 6-Aug 29)

Friday: Sonoma Arnold Field, 9am-12:30pm (YEAR ROUND), Rohnert Park Plaza Market, 5pm-8pm(June 1-Aug 30)

Saturday: Santa Rosa Vet Center, 8:30am-1pm (YEAR ROUND)

Sunday: Windsor Certified Farmers Market, 10am-1pm(Apr 8-Dec 9), Bodega Bay Community Farmers Market, 10am-2pm(May 28-Oct 15)         


August 3-13: Sonoma County Fair- Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, 11am-11pm

August 16-26: Humboldt County Fair-1250 5th St, Ferndale, 12pm-8pm

Sept 1-3: Fiesta Hermosa -Hermosa Beach, 10am-5pm

Sept 11-13:  Heirloom Seed Expo, Santa Rosa, 10 am-5pm

Sept 21-23:  Draft Horse Classic, Nevada County Fairgrounds, 9:30am-7pm

Oct. 5-7:  Sonoma Harvest Fair, Santa Rosa, 11am-5pm

Oct.12-14:  Harvest Fair Original Art & Craft Show- Del Mar, 10am-5pm

Oct. 26-28:  Harvest Fair Original Art & Craft Show- Pleasanton, 10am-5pm

Nov. 9-12:  Harvest Fair Original Art & Craft Show- San Mateo, 10am-5pm

Nov. 16-18: Harvest Fair Original Art & Craft Show- Sacramento, 10am-5pm

Nov. 16-17:  DoubleTree Inn Craft Faire, Rohnert Park, 10am-5pm

Nov. 23-24:  Rohnert Park Holiday Craft Faire, 10am-5pm

Nov. 23-25: Harvest Fair Original Art & Craft Show- San Jose, 10am-5pm

Nov. 25:  Christelkindt German Market, Petaluma, 10am-3pm

Nov 30-Dec 1:  Harvest Fair Original Art & Craft Show- Pomona, 10am-5pm

Dec. 1-2:  Santa Rosa Holiday Craft Faire, 10am-4pm

Dec. 6:  Windsor Holiday Celebration, Town Square, 5pm-8pm

Dec. 8-9: Santa's Little Helper Craft Faire, Napa, 10am-4pm


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