People and Places

Check out the amazing people we've met and places we've taken our nuts! 

  A visit from YOUTUBE sensation Doug from Off the Grid Living at the Heirloom Seed Expo, 2017!



A good friend from Manitoba, Marlene Goodman, flew into LA to help out at Fiesta Hermosa. As you can see, we worked our fingers to the bone and had no fun.



Sonoma Harvest Fair, Santa Rosa, 2017!


Benjamin found a special visitor, Princess, at the Santa Rosa farmer's market.  This fine feathered friend really loved our almonds!'s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for almonds!  Here's our booth at the beautiful German Christmas Market in Petaluma.      


Our almonds will put the tilt in your Utili-Kilt! William matches brawn for brawn with this "Braveheart warrior". 



We had our FIRST RODEO in Salinas, July, 2017!  These fine hombres gave us a first class welcome.  Met so many wonderful people!            


A mother/daughter duo at the Sonoma Harvest Festival say, "Almonds are POWER FOOD!"  Go Rosie the Riveters!



One of our regular Santa Rosa customers loves our cinnamon almonds so much she said our nuts got her through the week when the wildfires threatened her area.  "I had those almonds right beside me as I listened to the updates, and they helped me stay calm." Wow, we were humbled to hear this, and, more than anything else, thankful she and her family survived the terrible tragedy of the Santa Rosa fires.



This Sonoma Market customer loves our fresh raw almonds.  There's nothing like getting a fresh almond right off the tree.  So different than store-bought!



What a great ten days we had at the 2017 Sonoma County Fair!